A Very Important Man

On Monday, the very important man woke up and pulled himself out of his oversized bed. He showered, dressed, and grabbed a bagel and some coffee before briskly walking to the elevator that took him down from his penthouse to the very busy city below.

His chauffeur took him across town to the building named after another very important man. He let him off to meet with other very important men about the fifth business he would almost certainly sell to them. After making pleasant comments to each other about the weather and latest sports game, they got down to discussing what they were there for and the very important man sold his latest project for billions.

On Tuesday, the very important man woke up to work on what was his passion This he would not sell but would spend his life developing. It had the potential to reshape society for a generation. He smiled all day as he made phone calls, sent emails, worked through coding issues, and did all the other things a very important man would do to make his dream come true. He did not know that one day it would come true.

On Wednesday, the very important man went down to the city’s food bank. He volunteered there and also donated large sums of money, practically feeding the city’s poor on his own with the enormous amount he gave. His generosity allowed families to thrive that would not have been able to. Children were able to go to school with full stomachs. Parents were given more wiggle room in between jobs. The city’s poor would not have been able to survive a month without his help.

On Thursday, he took the day off and spent it with his family. His children adored him, and he did not know that the minutes he spent with them were putting a firm foundation beneath their feet, and their children’s feet, and their children’s children. They were learning from him in ways he did not realize, but it was real just the same.

On Friday, however, his pace grew slower. At the end of this work week, he decided to pray. He walked down to the Cathedral in the middle of a loud and busy street. He walked into the abrupt silence of the space and knelt before the Eucharist.

A few pews ahead of him was a monk reading from his prayer book. Behind him was a sister running through the Rosary. To his right, the pew over, was an old lady mumbling silent words. And to his far left sat a migrant worker, eyes closed tightly and speaking something in Spanish he could not understand.

He folded his hands and quietly began his prayer, “Our Father…. Thy will be done….”

At the words of these few gathered there, the spiritual world began to shake. Very important angels began dashing from one place to another, busy with their very important work. Souls began bursting forth from their agonizing state of purging pain into the eternal freedom of heaven. In that moment and outside of it, in time thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of years into the future, blessings that would never fade or be taken away began raining down on the entire world. The future was being transformed.

Does that seem surprising? It shouldn’t. After all, he was a very important man.

©2021 Catholic Anonymous

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